About Us

Gilead Givers initiative is a not-for profit organization established to provide food and economic support to widows, widowers, families and children from economically disadvantaged families. Our primary goal is to help children and families meet some of their basic needs and alleviate poverty.  

About the Founder

Mayokun Adesioye was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She relocated to the United States after her undergraduate education to pursue advanced studies. She is a trained Engineer and business professional. Mayokun is married to Ola Adesioye and they are blessed with children.

Mayokun has always had the heart for helping others. In 2016 God gave her a vision that she would help feed hungry children in Africa, not knowing how this would happen, she trusted that God will lead her at the right time. Five years later, the Lord re-iterated this mission through a vision that it was time to begin this service to the vulnerable, coincidentally, she got the approval for Gilead Givers Initiative after a period of delay.

Since then, God has used Gilead givers to bless children and families through food drive events and financial support to economically challenged families in Nigeria.

We thank all of our partners, volunteers and donors, who have made this ministry a reality. We continue to seek the support of additional volunteers and donors.

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